Month: August 2018

Electron Error: Not allowed to load local resource

Chris Green August 25, 2018 No Comments Development, Javascript , , ,

I’ve recently begun playing with Electron (the library that lets you build cross-platform desktop apps with web technologies). And not long into trying to hook up my default HTML page I received this error: Not allowed to load local resource I was certain I’d typed the line to load the URL just like the tutorial […]

What is the JavaScript ternary operator?

Chris Green August 21, 2018 No Comments Javascript , ,

The ternary operator is a JavaScript Operator which will return one of two values depending on a conditional supplied. Basically, you supply any conditional which will evaluate out to true or false and it will return one of the two expressions. It is set  up as such: condition ? expression1 : expression2 If the condition […]

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